What's the Difference Between Screen, Digitizer and LCD?
Each one of these components makes up a separate part of the front of your phone. The glass screen is the first part and that is simply glass. Below that is the digitizer (a very thin clear filament) which picks up the motion of your finger on the front glass. Lastly is the lcd that acts as a display, sort of like a TV screen or computer monitor.
What Should I do if My Phone Gets Wet?
Never turn on a wet phone. Leave as is and immediately wipe off excess water off of phone and submerge in a bag of uncooked rice. Leave it there for 24 hours then bring the phone in to us. Just remember to NEVER turn the phone back on!
I Can Find Someone to Repair My Device for Cheaper.
We never claimed to be the cheapest, just the BEST! The choice is clearly yours, but decide wisely. You might save $10 today, but with smartphone screens and parts you really do get what you pay for. Don't put a cheap part in your expensive device because it just wont look and feel as well as one of ours. Come to us instead and you'll be glad you did. Click Here to see why we're the better choice.
How Long Does a Typical Repair Take?
For smartphones brought in before 5PM on weekdays, we can have them repaired before we close by 7PM. For all other devices including tablets, game consoles or other gadgets brought in on the weekdays, expect 24 hours for repair to be complete. Longer if additional parts need to be purchased. Devices other than smartphones brought in after 5PM on Friday might have to be picked up on the following Monday.
Do You Offer Discounts for Multiple Devices?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount on all repairs of 2 devices or more from the same person being paid for by the same person.
Do You Sell Parts?
No, we do not sell our parts to the general public.
What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer?
We our proud to boast the best warranty in the city of Cleveland. You can read all about it here.
Why Should I Choose You Over the Competition?
You should choose us if you're looking for an immaculate repair done quickly and with the best parts money can buy and also backed up by the best warranty in the region. If you're looking to sacrifice on quality and speed, then don't choose us.
I Didn't See My Device Listed. Can You Still Repair It?
It really depends. We do some repairs not listed on the website, like certain smartphones. However, we would require a 50% deposit for any parts that would need to be purchased.
Do These Repairs Void My Manufacturers Warranty?
Yes, these repairs will void most warranties. But if you're coming to us chances are you don't have a warranty to begin with.
Will You Buy My Device From Me?
Sure, stop on by so we can make you an offer and pay you cash right on the spot.
Will I Lose any of My Data with these Repairs?
No, nothing we do could ever affect the information stored either directly on your phone or on any SIM cards. However it's still a good idea to back up all your information and remove any passcodes from the device.
What's Included with the Prices Listed on Your Website?
All pricing includes parts and labor. There are no other hidden costs.

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